ResMed Mirage Liberty™ Hybrid Mask Complete System


The Mirage Liberty™ Hybrid mask features dual wall nasal pillows with trampoline action that move independently, and adjust to various nasal contours for a comfortable and effective seal. ResMed's patented dual wall mouth cushion creates a secure, flexible seal, and accommodates jaw movement, eliminating the need for a chin strap. Additionally the supportive headgear with stabilizing elements maintains its shape when removed providing stability while the user sleeps. Each mask is shipped with an oral cushion, and three pillow sizes; small, medium, and large. With a fit range of over 90%, the Mirage Liberty is a comfortable alternative to conventional full face masks.

Features and Benefits
  • Trampoline action nasal pillows adjust to various nasal contours for an effective seal
  • Dual wall mouth cushion adjusts to jaw movements to create a seal even with movement
  • Chin straps are not needed
  • Supportive headgear maintains shape when it is removed to reduce the amount of times it needs to be resized to fit
  • Combines the mouth cushion and nasal pillows for unobstructed vision
  • Less contact with the skin, reducing chances of irritation
  • Minimal parts for easier assembly and cleaning


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